Ivory Park

Ivory Park is a township in Gauteng, South Africa (between Johannesburg and Pretoria) that, depending on who you speak to, has a population of anywhere between 40,000 and 200,000 people. Most of its residents live below $1.25 a day with high unemployment rates (47-54%). Many homes do not have access to basic facilities such as clean water, sewerage, electricity and refuse removal.

Shanty houses sit side beside brick structures, and most of the roads are pot-holed. Yet Ivory Park has an amazing buzz, a melting pot of different cultures. Many of the streets are lined with small entrepreneurs selling air time, haircuts, tailoring services, fast foods, fresh produce (including live chickens) and door frames. Sizanani representatives add to the bustling trade with their nutritious affordable MixMeTM products.




Soweto (South western township) is an urban settlement or 'township' in Gauteng, South Africa. Soweto is southwest of Johannesburg and borders the cities mining belt. It is the most populous township, as well as the most metropolitan, in the country with a population of approximately 1.3 million

The unemployment rate is 53% and most residents remain in poverty and lack effective services and infrastructure such as water, sewerage systems and electricity.

Despite the high unemployment rate there is vibrancy and a constant bustle of activity and informal traders are found selling their goods on every corner.

Soweto is the beacon for the new South Africa, a symbol of resistance. It is infused with the history of the struggle against apartheid and alive with the energy of the city of gold.



Paulina Sasa
What a magogo (grandmother) has achieved!

Paulina is a stubborn young lady (58 years old), who is not willing to age! Holding several community development posts in Ivory Park, she was a key force for positive change.

Losing her job and major income source was a life changing event. Less income meant limited food, less mobility and reduced resources. That was until she was invited to attend the Sizanani Mzanzi training and became an Sizanani Representative.

Ever since, Paulina worked her way out of her setback! Buying MixMe® products for herself and selling to the community has enabled her to get back on her feet. In addition to monthly income generated from her MixMe® sweat and toil, she has managed to complete renovations of her house that she had started before losing her job.

She takes pride in not only generating vital income by selling products, but also in how it has enabled her to serve her community through selling them social goods.

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